Friday, March 26, 2010

NYU Event Monday: "African Development: Whose Ownership?"

On Monday, March 29th, I'll be speaking on a panel at NYU covering the subject of "African Development: Whose Ownership?" We'll be discussing the roles of major stakeholders, such as governments, international financial institutions, businesses, NGOs, and the African Diaspora in development efforts in sub-Saharan Africa.

From Titagya's perspective, creating partnerships between communities in Ghana, the Government of Ghana, and outside volunteers, supporters, and experts has been a key aspect of our model. In addition, one of the unanticipated, very positive aspects of our work has been the growing involvement of Ghanaians living or studying in the US and Ghanaian-Americans in our projects. Several of our most important volunteers come from Ghana and are now living temporarily or permanently in the US.

The backing we have received from members of these communities in some ways reminds me of targeted remittances from Mexicans and Central Americans living in the US to projects in their home countries. However, a distinction between much of these aid flows and our work is that many of our Ghanaian and Ghanaian-American supporters come from southern Ghana, and thus are helping a region (the North) other than their home region. The above-mentioned aid flows to Latin America are generally organized by people from a particular town or village and then directed to that municipality.

Coming back to the talk, it will also include former ambassadors from Zambia and Rwanda and an expert on the legal aspects of investment in Africa. With these diverse perspectives, it should be a great discussion. Please join us if you will be in New York and are available on Monday from 6 pm - 8 pm. More details in the link below..